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This list was submitted by Michael Rich!

Premiering a little over ten years after the Vietnam war ended, China Beach was about the Doctors and Nurses stationed in Vietnam who struggled to stay sane amid the war. ABC thought they had a good MASH-type show on their hands. While the show was a critical hit, it never got the audience ABC thought it should have had.

The first two seasons of China Beach were near-brilliant. The third season was less brilliant. The fourth season, which got cancelled early on and burned off the remaining in June and July of that year, made the unfortunate attempt to jump back and forth in time.Only the last few  episodes of that season 4 made any attempt to bring the characters’ lives into context.

Episodes skipped: 14 out of 64.

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This list was submitted by Brandon Thompson!

This is what got Grant Morrison’s career off the ground in 1989. This lead to him doing JLA, Batman, New X-men, All-Star Superman (the best Superman story), Action Comics, Final Crisis, Doom Patrol, The Invisibles and the upcoming Multiversity and Wonder Woman: Earth One.

You might like to read Animal Man. Morrison’s Run goes from #1-26 and Secret Origins #39. It features art from Chaz Truog, Doughazlewood, and about 5 other artists and Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke) on covers. Now of course I would recommend to read all of it, but if you are in a rush or even buying them online, here is the list.

Issues skipped: 6 out of 27.

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This list was submitted by Waldfield!

Alfred Hitchcock’s films

Hitchcock is considered by many to be the greatest director of all time.  But with over fifty films, where do we begin?

Bold will be for must-see films.  Plain text is for can-see films.  And strikethrough is for films that may be of some interest to fanatics but will be uninteresting to most. (Some of his more minor films in the early part of his career are left off the list entirely.)

Films skipped: 26 out of 41.

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This post was submitted by tumblr user feitclub!

With 23 “official” films in 50+ years, James Bond has a dedicated following around the world. But even fans admit (and debate) which films are must-see and which can be ignored. I’m here to deliver my definitive opinion which is completely arbitrary.

Films skipped: 11 out of 23.

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eldritchorror said: Hi! Will there be a list for The Legend of Korra series? I loved the last airbender series but I've heard some really mixed things about LOK so I've been wary of watching it

I hope we get a list for that — it’d certainly be of use to me (I stopped at the S1 finale).

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Thanks to Michael Rich for submitting this!

Ranking Star Trek Voyager seasons from best to worst: (4,6,5,1,3,7,2)

Episodes skipped: 59 out of 172.

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Skippable is now also gonna include lists of skippable books, comics, movies, games, whatever. Cause why not.

This list was sent in by waldfield!

Issues skipped: 32 out of 60.

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This list was submitted by !

It’s one of the most famous television series of all time, science-fiction or otherwise! It launched an entire universe of movies, spinoffs, novels, and video games! It created pop culture icons known around the world!

You can skip a lot of it.

Episodes skipped: 49 out of 80

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faecatgirl said: Don't know if you do books, but a skippables list for the animorphs series would be wonderful if you could throw a request out there :D

Oh shit, that’s a really good idea. Book skippable lists! 

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For Being Human. If you’ve seen it, feel free to toss a skippable list our way!